Meet the Expert Behind The Relationship Protocol

Hi! I’m Debra Roberts, LCSW

I am a communication specialist, an author and a relationship expert. I have been coaching challenging relationships in all types of businesses and personal relationships for over 20 years. 

I've witnessed the transformation of hundreds of relationships from hopeless to hopeful in a short period of time using the Relationship Protocol model (the RP). My RP method in a nutshell – I teach people how to talk to each other so all of their relationships can thrive. I want everyone to feel more comfortable and confident communicating regardless of the setting and the type of relationship.

Good communication is essential for solving problems and it creates a strong foundation.

When there’s a breakdown in communication, people disconnect. They feel stuck, unappreciated, or misunderstood. Over time, the disconnect causes more problems, such as loneliness, anger, insecurity, resentment, etc. 

My simple yet practical approach offers new and experienced professionals, in all fields:

  • the mandatory ingredients required for a healthy relationship, and
  • an easy to follow system for navigating effective communication, including, bringing up sensitive topics, defusing and de-escalating conflicts, and repairing and building trusting relationships.

Effective Communication = Healthy Relationships

If you'd like to have a business consultation with me, set up a speaking engagement, training, or a media appearance, just click the Contact Us link now and send me an email. I'm glad you're here! 

How did the Relationship Protocol evolve?

In my first 15 years as a social worker, I worked in nonprofit organizations and had on-the-job training and frontline experience working with troubled youth, poverty legal services, mental health clinic and more. 

My skills were constantly put to the test having to assess situations in challenging, often crisis-oriented settings. This is where I learned that communication shapes relationships.

I've found that, regardless of the environment, these three things make all the difference:

     1. Focus on the relationship in the present (vs. the past.)

     2. Help the individuals to feel comfortable and valued.

     3. Give them helpful and actionable tools so they can become effective communicators.

This is what generates immediate movement in relationships ... and who doesn't want to see change and movement! 

My 20+ years in private practice working with both personal relationships and consulting with business owners has been derived from that premise.

And, trust me... I have been in the trenches... working with all types of difficult, hopeless and challenging relationships in many different settings. That’s why my Relationship Protocol model has practical communication tools that are proven, unique and powerful. Their impact is real and change occurs quickly! 

I wrote my book, The Relationship Protocol, because I know that:                                                                                                                                  “If you give someone basic information and helpful tools for communicating, you’re not only going to improve their                               relationships, but you’ll change their life for the better.”

The book describes the RP model in easy to read and friendly language. The model itself is a common sense approach that can benefit all relationships.

I'm honored and proud to say that hundreds of professionals have been trained in the Relationship Protocol model and they are using it successfully in their workplace, with clients, employees, customers, and in their personal lives as well.  

Now, I’m on an important mission to get this everyday communication model out into the world! I hope you’ll join me.

Let's transform how people think about communication and relationships! Let's learn how to resolve differences, speak thoughtfully and become stronger together as one entity.

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