For the sake of the children….

When you are guiding a couple or an individual in coping with a separation or a divorce, the focu...

Aug 08, 2018

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What keeps you going? What's your "why"?

This blog talks about finding your passion, your "why." It's from the

Jul 22, 2018

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Do You Run From Any Potential Confrontation?

Do you work with people that tend to avoid confrontation? If so, check out this blog fr...

Jun 29, 2018

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Are You in the Driver’s Seat?

Think of driving and where you are situated in the car as a metaphor for self-awareness. This blo...

May 29, 2018

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A Quick Solution for Handling an Unexpected Argument in Session

Many relationships that come into your office could be on the verge of an uncontrollable argument...

Apr 21, 2018

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“Ugh! They’re arguing in my office. What the heck do I do now?!”

Have you ever felt this way? If so, you’re not alone. Feeling uncomfortable, inadequate or ...

Feb 02, 2018

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Try Changing YOUR Response. See What Happens.

This blog from the offers some suggestions for changing the direction...

Jan 15, 2018

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Just say “thanks”

This blog from the talks about appreciation. See “Notes for Pro...

Jan 03, 2018

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A simple but powerful tool. Try this!

When your client says something such as “She made an effort,” do you know what to do ...

Dec 18, 2017

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