Great imagery – Is your bucket filling up?

This is a great analogy to explain what happens when a person has little or no self-awareness. I use it all the time with my clients. The image of a bucket is a great visual. I've had many clients mention that they now notice when their bucket is filling up:) I love when that happens! Check it out. 

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Try to picture a big bucket that someone is carrying around. All of their complaints, burdens, problems & stressors go into this bucket. Slowly, drop by drop, the bucket fills. 💦

Since this person has little or no self-awareness, there’s no understanding or concern about what’s in the bucket or the implications of the bucket as it gets heavier.... more & more weighed down. 

One day the bucket is too heavy & it starts overflowing with anger, rage, frustration but still no awareness. And... after the bucket empties all of its negative emotions, unfortunately, it will continue to get filled up again and again. 

Herein lies the truth. We often carry all of our burdens, problems, and stressors without realizing it. This can seriously affect us and the people around us as well. When we start to practice self-awareness, we become mindful of our feelings, day to day life and its impact.

We notice the things that are weighing us down and, more importantly, have the ability to recognize and possibly address or resolve these issues before they overflow. 


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