What does a lack of commitment look like?

Let's take a brief look at Commitment.

As you may or may not know, I am all about Commitment!

Because... the number one requirement for all healthy relationships is Commitment.

It is mandatory, and when there’s no commitment or someone's behavior is inconsistent, there are many repercussions. The relationship will always have limitations, including, but not limited to:

- Lack of trust

- Not feeling safe

- Feelings of anger, frustration                                                                       

- Building resentment

- Insecurities

- Confusion

- Discontentment

- Emotional walls

If your clients describe any of these feelings or reactions, find out if there is a lack of commitment on one or both of their parts.

Keep in mind that the behavior may be unintentional and it may be only for little things, but it can still have a big impact on the other person. Help them to understand the implications.

You can use this tip as one way of assessing what's going on in a relationship in any setting.


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