Are you just "soldiering" on... doing what needs to be done?

This is a great blog to support your clients when they are understandably overwhelmed by their many responsibilities and they're not sure how to best cope. I suggest labeling this time period as "soldiering".

By giving it a name "soldiering", and sharing the 3-tips from the blog, you'll be normalizing this phase of their life and making the coping process more manageable.

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Great imagery – Is your bucket filling up?

This is a great analogy to explain what happens when a person has little or no self-awareness. I use it all the time with my clients. The image of a bucket is a great visual. I've had many clients mention that they now notice when their bucket is filling up:) I love when that happens! Check it out. 

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Try to picture a big bucket that someone...

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When it’s Time to Relax – Breathe in What You Need

I teach this relaxation exercise to most of my clients and truthfully,  I use it all the time. Sometimes in between sessions, or before I give a talk, I take a moment to do this exercise. It helps to clear my head and keeps me centered.

I recommend that you teach this exercise to your clients. My clients like it because it's quick and "gets the job done!"

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