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– Debra M. Roberts, LCSW

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85% of Professionals Even Seasoned Professionals, Don't Feel Comfortable Working With Relationships


If you've worked with clients, patients, co-workers, or employees for any length of time, then you've most likely felt confused or overwhelmed when dealing with two people that are struggling, or in seemingly hopeless situations.

When faced with individuals that are arguing or in difficult relationships, do you find yourself:

             Getting nervous – not sure where to start?

             Feeling uncomfortable or intimidated?

             Feeling inadequate, stuck, or hopeless about their situation?

             Do you hesitate to work with more than one person at a time, for fear of a possible argument erupting?

             Have you considered giving up working with relationships all together?

Let me demystify relationship work for you!


I'm Debra Roberts, LCSW, and like you, I've faced many challenges working in the mental health field, 25+ years of them! I've been in the trenches, working primarily with difficult, strained and hopeless relationships. 

My communication method, known as the Relationship Protocol, (the RP) stems from my belief that if I can teach people a practical and more helpful way to communicate with each other, they'll begin to feel more comfortable and they'll experience more positive and satisfying relationships. There's nothing fancy about it, I teach people how to talk to each other, so they can have a healthier and less complicated relationships.

The Relationship Protocol is useful for everyone because we are all in relationships. And if your clients struggle with their close and important relationships, at home, at work, or with family, this easy to follow approach can be of help to them.

The Simple Tools course teaches you the RP model!

           Learn the Relationship Protocol

The RP takes away the confusion. It offers a common sense and friendly approach to healthy, relationship-oriented communication for all types relationships. Its proven to be a straightforward method for improving communication in everyday life and also helping struggling relationships. I've been using in successfully in my private practice for over 25 years! And for the first time, you have a unique opportunity to learn the model in an easy and affordable online course.

"Simple Tools is about getting along better and creating healthy conflict resolution. It not about winning arguments or positioning for power. The RP has been a useful approach which has helped me in my business and in my everyday life."

Jay Silver

"Everybody should have the language of the Relationship Protocol to share with their patients. It’s a versatile framework that’s concrete, concise and easy to understand ––it just makes sense!"

Susan Sullivan

"Simple Tools has been a true gift from above! I feel much more equipped working with relationships now. I’ve successfully used the Relationship Protocol model with all types of relationships in my private practice. "

Cathy Menzies
LCSWR Consultation Treatment Services

"The Relationship Protocol should be in every clinicians’ toolbox and included in all University's clinical training programs to equip the professional with valuable treatment skills."

Dr. Keri Chernuchin
Licensed Psychologist

"Debra Roberts' Simple Tools course will be time and money well spent. Her warm, engaging and honest manner, invite you to listen carefully and absorb the well thought out information for working with relationships in any profession."

Phoebe Kessler

The Importance of Healthy Communication in all Relationships

This dynamic and easy to follow course helps professionals navigate the many challenges of communication in relationships. Participants will learn the basics of the Relationship Protocol model, with clear examples of how to use it as a helpful framework ... even during those precarious moments. 

The primary goal is for you to feel confident and self-assured when working with ALL types of relationships in all work settings.

You Will Learn:

  • The ingredients necessary to build and maintain healthy relationships
  • The Relationship Protocol, a practical & flexible communication model, which is easily integrated into your existing work
  • How to use the Relationship Protocol model and other important strategies with ALL types of relationships - business, romantic, family, etc.,
  • How to teach your clients these powerful lifelong tools that they can begin using immediately outside of your office.

Learn the How-To's of Guiding Productive Conversations:

  • Navigate conversations
  • Bring up sensitive & controversial subjects
  • Handle conflicts
  • Defuse escalating arguments
  • Build trust & rebuild trust after a betrayal
  • Deal with challenging and difficult clients
  • Many other valuable strategies and concepts


Even if you don't specialize in working with couples or other relationships, I want you to feel confident when working with more than one person at a time. In your professional role, you may want to bring in another person, perhaps a spouse, business partner, parent, or colleague, in an attempt to help them resolve their differences. The Simple Tools course gives you the chance to feel more capable of effectively guiding their interaction using the Relationship Protocol model. These tools empower both you and your clients!

Teaching your clients helpful, fundamental tools to use outside of your office increases their confidence & gives them back some control in their own lives. 

You can use Simple Tools in all work settings, including -
Mental Health, Business, Health, Law, Education, and More!
Use it in your own personal life too! 

Here's What's Included:

Online Video Training, 24/7 Access

 13 quick lessons (averaging 15- 20 minutes in duration) 

Part 1. Introduction

Learn about communication, healthy relationships and the value of using the Relationship Protocol model.

Part 2. The Relationship Protocol Model

Each component of the model, the Two Key Elements and the Four Steps are discussed in detail. Learn why each component is important, and how they work together to form a common sense and comprehensive system. You will gain a complete perspective for understanding relationships.

Part 3. Implementation

Find out how to use the Relationship Protocol model in your work. Learn a framework for navigating conversations, deal with escalating arguments, challenging clients, rebuilding trust, and much more. 

The Relationship Protocol Workbook

(55-Page Download)

A wonderful supplement to the Simple Tools course. The Relationship Protocol Workbook has an extensive overview of the RP model, helpful suggestions for addressing conflicts and problems, practical exercises to enhance learning, and valuable fill-in templates to prepare for important future interactions. 

BONUSES (to support your efforts!)
  • The Relationship Protocol Model and Mantra - a summary of the model.
  • When An Argument is Escalating -  a quick reference guide for defusing a conflict. 
  • Important Questions - a quick reference guide for understanding and assessing your clients' relationships.
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CE Credits are co-sponsored by R. Cassidy. There is an additional fee of $20, paid directly to R. Cassidy upon completion of The Simple Tools course for those students who wish to obtain CE’s.

Simple Tools for Effective Relationship Work

An Online Course for Professionals

Simple Tools Course Includes:

Training in the Relationship Protocol Model

Comprehensive easy-to-follow, 3-hour video training to learn about basic, effective communication and working with relationships. Discover how to guide interactions and defuse difficult situations quickly. Videos are divided into 13 quick lessons. Watch at your convenience.

The Relationship Protocol Workbook

A downloadable, 55 page supplement to the Simple Tools course. The Workbook includes a great overview of the RP model, many helpful tips, practical exercises to enhance learning, and valuable fill-in templates to prepare for important interactions.


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5 Continuing Education Credits

CE Credits are co-sponsored by R. Cassidy. There is an additional fee of $20, paid directly to R. Cassidy upon completion of The Simple Tools course for those who wish to obtain CE’s.


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