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Watch Debra as a panelist on the WCBS 880, GutwiZdom live radio event.



Thrive Global

Check out Debra's published articles on, covering topics such as dealing with unhealthy behaviors, communication, and self-care.

LI Love: How to Build Healthier Relationships

Watch Debra talk with Carol Silva about healthy relationships and how to address conflict in a constructive way during this News 12 television segment. 

WCBS Newsradio -GutwiZdom Radio Broadcast

Debra joins Deidre and JG to discuss her simple and practical approach to making relationships and communication less complicated.

How to Communicate With Your Team and Your Clients Effectively with Debra Roberts

Listen to Debra talk about effective team and client communication on the Accelerating CFO podcast.

When Your Partner Checks Out During Parenting Moments

It happens. And it's natural. Here's what to do to make it happen less frequently. Debra was an expert contributor for this article.

Special Needs Planning: More Than Special Needs Trust

Beth Polner Abrahams, Esq for The Senior Lawyer

In this article, The Relationship Protocol book was recommended by the author - for families who do not have the financial resources to hire a conflict coach but acknowledge the need to develop a method of communication to address disagreements pre-or post-divorce, including when there is a special needs child. The book provides step-by-step guidance to develop those skills. Full article available to subscribers of The Senior Lawyer.

How to Be the Best Damn Listener You Can Be

It's simple: a better listener is a better husband. Debra offers some helpful suggestions in this article by Steve Calechman on 


Love & Friendship: Expert Tips for Lifelong Marriage Happiness

This article appeared in Sunday magazine sections across the country in May 2015. It suggests that marrying your best friend can lead to greater and longer lasting happiness. In the article, Debra offers helpful tips for building a healthier marital relationship and a friendship.

Creating a Digital Product Using Your Clinical Strengths & Growing It Online

Listen as Debra Roberts, LCSW discusses how to take clinical expertise and turn it into a digital product that extends far beyond the therapy room.


Long Island Woman Magazine

Carol Silva discusses knowing when to pull away from online consumption of media.

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Watch Debra on News 12 TV talk about focusing on the relationship.

Marketing Tips from a Non-Marketer for BLG Business podcast, w/ guest Debra Roberts of The Relationship Protocol!


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