State Your Intentions - Give them your "Why" upfront

This is important advice for you to your clients, students, employees... Teach them how to have the best outcome for every interaction, especially when it's an important conversation. 

Here it is: 

When you tell the other person what your goal (or your intention) is for an interaction, they are more likely to listen to you, rather than prepare to defend themselves or...

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Teaching Step #3: Don't be so focused on what you're saying that you ignore ME

When you're concentrating on making your point, defending yourself, winning an interaction, or being right, you're probably not noticing me (the other person). I might be getting upset, my feelings could be hurt, or maybe I'm bored or just tuned out.

Here’s a tip: Paying attention to me and my reactions are as important (if not more important) than whatever you are saying. It may not feel...

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What’s all this talk about kindness?


Kindness builds trust and creates a safety net for all types of relationships.

Behaving kindly describes who we must be in our relationships. It includes:

     - how we treat each other

     - how we speak to each other

     - how we talk about the other person to others

     - how the other person feels in our relationship...

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